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NCSSM: The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics

The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics is a public school in Durham, NC.  Approximately 550 students attend their junior and senior years of high school here, living on campus while taking advanced science and math courses. 

Although its name implies a school devoted to science and math, NCSSM's teaching faculty also offer highly challenging courses in English, history, foreign languages, music, and art.  This is a school where new styles of learning are encouraged, and almost any academic subject can be molded into a class.  Classes are small, teacher interaction lasts well beyond the end of the school day, and after classes, students have the opportunity to sample some of the residential aspects of college life two years ahead of time. 

NCSSM students are well prepared for college, not just in science and math, but in other academic areas as well as living and social skills that are necessary to being successful in college.  In my opinion, there isn't a better place to go to school than at Science and Math.  Explore this site to see why.