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as of September 09, 1999 11:35 PM

New Additions to this Site
dated September 9, 1999, referencing the new Website of Dahl Clark on Cautagen/Melphysica.

The Parallelogram Problem

A parallelogram is defined as a 4-sided figure with two pairs of parallel sides.  Squares and rectangles are parallelograms, and so are "flattened" squares and rectangles.  The interesting thing is that no matter how strangely you draw a 4-sided figure, if you find the midpoints of all four sides and connect them with lines, you always end up with a perfect parallelogram.  See why this works here.

Older Additions to this Site
dated July 12, 1999, referencing the old Website of Dahl Clark on Cautagen.

1. I think the first thing to do is to get rid of this dark-colored theme I've got running through this website. My first intention was to give the site a kind of relaxing, ethereal feel, but now, I think it would be more helpful to have a "cup-of-coffee" site with lighter, easier to read colors to grab the attention of website visitors. I sort of like the paper-textured color theme running through my Falling Slinkies site. I wouldn't want you to fall asleep after coming to my website (unless you really want to). I don't know what you'll think about the images and colors presented on this website--please send me e-mail at for any advice you might have.

2. The second thing to do is to make more graphics and add some new material that I've been meaning to add for quite a while. I'm currently in the process of putting this website onto FrontPage 98, and editing it from there. Right now, I've been doing my editing with Microsoft Word and with Tripod's online editor. I'm expecting this new site upgrade to be completed by late August/early September, so keep a look out for new stuff on this site.
Progress on this, as of September 4, 1999:  The Website of Dahl Clark on Melphysica has already been put onto FrontPage 98.  This allows for more frequent updates than were possible when the Website on Cautagen was being edited using Word and the Tripod Web Editor.  There are still a few things to add to the Melphysica website, but most of it is completed.  All the hyperlinks work (that's the good thing about having this web on FrontPage).  I'm scheduled to get Office 2000 around October, so when that happens, I'll transfer this site to FrontPage 2000.

Some features to appear in the near future:

1. How to Create a Basic Web Page
2. The Official NCSSM Advisor for Students, version 1.0
3. Also, if I receive permission and resources from NCSSM, I'd like to start a new site devoted to providing technology resources for female students and staff at NCSSM. This site will contain a link to this new site, which will probably be on the NCSSM Academic server.

Features to appear by October:

DukeLife--a student gateway into life at Duke University--finally, here's a site that'll include information actually about me.

By November:

Gravitech Home--what if the physics behind gravity were known? This will be a purposefully fictitious site, used to test my web design skills. Here, I will stretch FrontPage 98 and Adobe Photoshop 5.0 to the limits.
Progress on this, as of September 4, 1999:  Designing Website of Dahl Clark on Melphysica took care of testing my web design skills enough, I think.  

This site might be upgraded again when 2000 arrives, since I'll probably have more stuff to post. Be assured--there will be no Y2K problems with this website!

Make sure to come back soon to see the latest changes made. You might find some new, helpful information here. After I get this site into FrontPage 98, I'll come back to this page and indicate which of the above things I've already completed.

Well, happy Net surfing, and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me at .

Dahl Clark