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Personal Information Page:  Things you might want to know about me that I often don't get a chance to say.

This site is a Cliff Note to my life.  This site gives you the chance to skip all the small talk and conversation, so you can discover more quickly who I am.  You never have to worry about finding the time to ask me questions about myself, or even trying to rationalize why you should actually do so.  All the information you could possibly want is right here, on the Web, for quick reference.  Who knows?  Someday, you might be tested on how well you know yourself and your life.  To pass, you'll want to know about yourself all the things I've included on this site.  You might be asked about your future goals, the things that motivate you to pursue life vigorously, what you think about yourself, and what you think about your past so far.  These are difficult questions, since they have no easy answers.  Some questions have no answers at all.  For this reason, I'm publishing this special Cliff Note on my life to help you to study yours.  We'll all be tested someday, so start studying early.