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Why Physics is Fun

(just kidding!)

Some people claim that physics is a subset of math.  However, it was the physicists who invented most of our modern mathematics, and not the other way around.  Very few mathematicians invent new physics.  Newton, a famous physicist, developed the rules of calculus.  Leibniz, a mathematician, wrote calculus in its present-day form.  However, he had no occasion to develop this advanced mathematics.  The reason we have calculus today was because Newton needed it to solve his physics problems.  If you happen to be a physics student, think about this the next time you do a physics problem.  The answers aren't given to you; you have to search for them.  We don't have to go as far as to invent an entire brand new field of math, but we do have to put in some extra thinking if we wish to understand what we observe in nature.