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The Official Physics Page:  The Study of Matter, Motion, Energy, and Why I Like Physics

Physics is kind of like being taught how to walk when you were a child.  You didn't have to go to class or to tutorial to learn how to walk--you sort of thought about it, started doing it, became more adept at it, acquired greater coordination doing it, and eventually you learned to walk. 

Of course, we all have fallen flat on our bottoms many times while going through the learning process.  We probably became discouraged when those moments came around, especially when adults were standing around, watching your mistakes.  If we stopped to think what would have happened if we failed walking class when we were little less than a year old, we realize that our lives would be drastically different now. 

The most important thing we discover from this is the necessity to keep trying.  We can fall flat on our bottoms a hundred or even a thousand times--the important thing is to keep getting back up and to keep pushing ourselves away from the table or wall into the middle of the room, where our personal and intellectual frontiers lie.  When we take our first unaided, balanced step into the world of physics, nothing but progress lies ahead, although we may not see it at first.  A child might fall down a few more times after mastering the art of walking, but all of us who have capable legs eventually become walkers someday.  Some of us might walk slowly, some of us more quickly, but the important thing is the process of learning to walk.  Once we have learned to walk with physics, we can learn to run.