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About this Website

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I am just a high school student (due to graduate May 29, 1999), and everyday I get the chance to see some amazing things and amazing people. I just wanted people to know how much I'm grateful for the opportunity. There aren't many things a kid in high school can do besides go to class and prepare for the future, which makes it convenient that I'm here at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics in Durham, NC.

Being at NCSSM means I've got to have something to give back to the people who allowed me to attend this epitome of education--primarily you. A whole activities, interests, and experiences list can be found here, but to briefly summarize my motivations:

1a. I love physics and want to become a physicist someday.
1b. My main physics interests are nuclear fusion, gravity, and unified theory research.
2. I like both math and science.
3. I like doing things with computers and electronics.
4. I like being able to express myself through different forms of art and writing.
5. I like being able to help people learn about the above things.
6. I'm grateful to anyone who can help me achieve these goals.

To sum this up, 1+2+3+4+5+6 = I want to know what reality is, and I'm willing to learn by any means possible and from anyone possible. This keeps me quite busy sometimes.

About My Physics Site

I like physics, and that's why I have a physics site. That's all. Please don't be shocked to suddenly discover that I actually like what's normally thought of as the most abominable of subjects. Physics represents mankind's attempt to discover the truth about nature, and to me, that is respectable. If you still can't get over this page, send me e-mail at (My physics site is to the left, under the Contents window just in case you might be wondering.)

About The Frame Interface

The inspiration for creating a frame interface on this website came after having the opportunity to view two very wonderful and unique websites. The first, at, showed me the real power of having frames on the screen. Over Christmas Break 1998-99 I learned how to create framesets from this website. It just happened that when I returned to NCSSM after Christmas Break, my PhysCal teacher had just finished "facelifting" his high-speed photography website, at After seeing two highly remarkable websites, I gained enough inspiration to finish facelifting mine, and, well, we know the rest of the story.