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Author: Loren M. Winters
Paper Code: DC10
Session Date: Friday, August 6
Session Time: 3:45 p.m.
Title: A Distributed Software System for Authoring Web-Based Interactive Problems
We will describe and demonstrate an authoring and distribution system for Web-based, interactive physics problems. We have designed the system especially for teachers who want to create their own problems without having to code in Java or JavaScript. The software consists of two applets, the designer and the animator. These are distributed on demand from the server to the Web client. The designer is the applet that a teacher uses to author problems. The animator displays the problem, generates trajectories, and provides whatever interactive options the teacher has specified. Completed problems are published to the server, where they are available to students through a Web browser using the Java 1.2 plugin. The software conforms to the new Java 2 specification.1

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