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Dear Daddy,

Well, it appears that yesterday, I have just turned 18, but I don't feel too different (smile). I got my Calculus test back yesterday, and it turns out that I made the highest score in both of my Cal teacher's classes. I got an A+ on that test, the best score I have made in Calculus for this last half of the year. At least I know the material that was covered on the test, but my AP Cal exam is this Thursday the 13th, so I'm going to be studying a lot for that exam.

I am trying to apply for an engineering research position at Duke for the month of July. It is only a 4-week program, but I get free room and board and $150 at the end of the summer. I can probably buy some regular school supplies with that, like a new stock of pencils, paper, and such. Other than that, I have the rest of the summer free, and I'm planning to use most of that extra time to study physics and computer programming, and also to build a prototype of the gravitational inductor to see if it might actually work. I think I will also work on my slinky project over the summer, which will probably be a bit hard without any video analysis software (unless I can get it up here somehow), but I'll be able to rudimentarily nalyze the motion of the slinky just by measuring distances on the videos on the computer screen.

I checked out the IYPT website, and it turns out that they've got some new stuff on there about what countries will be attending. I think I remember that most of the countries are European countries, including Australia, Russia, and almost all the Northern European countries. Canada and Mexico will be there, and also us. It was quite nice to see, amidst all the Slavic and British-sounding names on the name list of participants and judges at the competition, the names of the people on the US team (including mine). I'll send you the address of the website so you can take a look at what will be going on. There's a schedule of events on there, so you can see what we'll be doing from day to day while we're in Vienna.

Well, that's all the news for now. I'll be in touch soon, and in the meanwhile, I love you very, very much.

Love, Dahl