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Physics defined

Physics is the study of matter and energy, and their interactions. Superficially, it is the general study of the physical world. On a deeper level, it is humankind's attempt at realizing reality. Physics is neither a subset of math, nor is math a subset of physics. Physics is the oldest of all sciences, but never becomes outdated. We live in a universe controlled by physics, we remain standing on the earth because of physics, we are living beings because of physics. An understanding of physics is integral to the understanding of a great portion of our humanity.

Special NCSSM Physics Projects

PhysCal '98 Loop-the-Loop Project
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Loop-the-Loop Page
Analysis of the Motion of a Falling Slinky--an online resource for falling slinky motion. I created this site, under the sponsorship of Dr. Loren Winters, for the last Special Projects Week at NCSSM, March 10-17, 1999.

Other areas of interest

High-speed photography
High-Speed Photography
One of the best and most informative sites on the web on high-speed photography (also one of the very few)--put together by my Physics with Calculus teacher, Dr. Winters of the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics--is HiViz, at This site, for students, teachers, and hobbyists alike, dispenses with the popular myth that high-speed photography (HSP) is expensive and can only be done by expert photographers or old, gray-haired scientists. The information provided can teach anyone to capture images of events occurring too fast to see with the unaided eye, and the site presents activities and an FAQ section to get the reader started on doing high-speed photography.
Visual Interfacing
Website Design
Computer-generated 3-D images
Student paper on sonoluminescence
research paper on sonoluminescence I discovered on January 16, 1999: scroll down until you reach the box with high-speeed photos of lightning strikes, then click on the link to Sonoluminescence. This paper is at

Physics and Me

Why I have been interested in physics
Physics proves not only to be interesting; it is a companion to me as I try to understand the foundations of reality.
Physics at NCSSM
Link to NCSSM Academics Page
NCSSM Physics
Direct Link to PhysCal
NCSSM Physics MGR Video Page
NCSSM Modern Physics Page
Physics at Duke University
What physics has done for me

Physics for you


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  1. PhysCal '98 Loop-the-Loop Project
  2. Analysis of the Motion of a Falling Slinky
  3. Learn high-speed photography at HiViz
  4. Student paper on sonoluminescence