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You're Almost There!

First, a bit of info...

Videos are nice to make. They are basically movies: anytime you watch TV, go to a theater, or capture a child's first birthday, you are witnessing the wonder of video. While we use video for many things, it can also be usefully applied, and this is the reason the following website was created.

Many physical events happen faster than we are able to see or to comprehend them, and for this reason, video can be applied to the study of physics. Another reason video can be used to study physics is that it allows us to witness and record motion in different ways. We can take much information from a video, such as an object's position in time, or how a ball appears to move in different inertial reference frames.

On the following website are small videoclips of simple, but important, physical events. They were created by my physics teacher at Science and Math, Dr. Loren Winters. All of these videos are copyrighted, so you are allowed to view, not otherwise copy, transfer, edit, or otherwise alter or use any of these videoclips for any form of personal use except with permission from Dr. Winters. These videos are for viewing only (that's what videos are supposed to be made for, after all).

Have fun, and learn why I like physics!


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