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Stories, Poems, Research Papers, Essays, and Biographical Info





On this page are essays, short stories, poems, and research papers that I have written from 1996-1999. At the bottom of this page is a biographical information section. The literature is divided by year, and then by type.

The following selection of literature was meant to demonstrate my interest in writing. Through these writings you will discover an explorative, questioning theme, along with the enjoyment of seeing the world from a slightly different viewpoint. I hope you enjoy what you have read, and if you have any questions or comments about the following literature, please e-mail me here.

Dahl Clark


Table of Contents

NCSSM Work (1999)

Short Stories



Research Papers

Biographical Information (1998-1999)




Mentorship Journal for the month of December, describing activities done at the Duke University Nonlinear Dynamics department.


Questions and answers to 5 of the 17 problems the US team to the International Young Physicists' Tournament (IYPT) had to solve. This year is the first year the US has been invited to participate, and five Science and Math students (including myself) have been selected to be the US team.


Pollution report done for my home county and North Carolina, as an assignment by the Environmental Science class.






Short Stories

Alternate Convictions
What happens when a suicidal man calls me in the middle of the night?(fiction)

Birds of the Rain
A children's story about a bird, cloud, and their adventures.

The Four Compass Directions
A twisted, unpredictable story about two men in a divided city.

The Legend of the Infinite
A tale of a world where time stops, and questions the immortality of its people.

An impoverished young child describes, with interesting usage of dialect, the greatest Christmas present she ever had. Very heartlifting.



The Physics of Grass
A playful inquest of whether physics can describe everything in our world.

A treatise on nuclear war and our superficially peaceful world.

Rain Drop
A resonating, concrete poem in the shape of raindrops.


My Philosophy of Human Ecology
For you ecology and philosophy buffs out there, and for those who believe that radix malorum est cupiditas (money is the root of all evil).

Overkill(a 1995 play)
Mystery written for a 9th grade class assignment.






Research Papers

The Evolution of the Vertebrate Brain
This paper traces the development of the vertebrate brain, from early notochord development to the present-day human brain.

The Liver and Small Intestine--for the lab procedure, click here.
Written for my Anatomy and Physiology class, this report discusses these organs' roles in digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Quantum Theory
A set of notes made while writing a rough draft for my 8th grade English term paper.


Personal Information for Students and Teachers

My NCSSM Self-Assessment Form
Accurate up to April 4, 1998, this personal report lists my activities, background, talents, interests, and college/career aspirations.

A Mean Between the River(1996)
Flowery but analogical explanation of my personal development.

Friends of Science and Math (1999)

A tally of the number of e-mail addresses I included on my invitation to attend my Special Projects Week Falling Slinky presentation on March 17, 1999.


A letter I wrote to my dad on March 19, 1999, two days after Special Projects week, in which I describe how well the falling slinky presentation went.

From College Winter

Part of a larger collection of essays (College Winter), this was my main Duke application essay. This essay describes a single, ordinary event, but serves as a reminder of how "little things" can really matter.