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Dear Daddy,

I've got some good news for you. First off, I received your check this afternoon, and I've finished registering for the two AP exams I will be taking. With all the stamps you put on there, it should have arrived in two hours (smile). I've received a passport application from one of my physics teachers, and since I already have a passport, I'll have to get that one renewed so it will be more current. The cost is $60.00, and I'll have more on that for you on Sunday.


I don't know where the extra publicity came from, but I had people from the Durham newspaper (the Herald-Sun) come over to photograph and later interview me on my Slinky project. There will be an article on SPW at Science and Math featuring my project and that of another guy on Monday, March 22. My physics teacher is going to get us both a copy, and I'll bring home my copy so you can see it. I think he generated all the extra publicity, although I can't be sure. I also had a video team in charge of designing NCSSM's new recruitment video for next year who wanted to film me doing several slinky drops in front of our new ETC building. I gave my presentation on Wednesday in one of the Physics labs at 3:00, and I kept the attention of my approximately 20-person audience for just over 30 minutes straight. I couldn't believe there were this many people interested in slinkies. It was incredible. For the brief amount of time I spent with this project (a week, and only half a day to prepare for my presentation), I think it turned out pretty well. My physics teacher also says my project is good enough for me to submit a short report in the Physics Teacher Magazine. This is BIG. I've never gotten anything published in an accredited physics journal before. Physics teachers all over the US will get to read my little article. It appears that no one has answered the question of how a slinky falls to such an extent as I have during last week, so it will be good to share my findings with the rest of the scientific community. However, before I get published, I have to do a bit more work and develop skills in high-speed photography to more accurately capture the motion of the slinky on film instead of video. I've got at my hands one of the very, very few complete resources on high-speed photography at, if you're interested in what I'll be learning next. This is actually a very interesting field, and what I learn here will undoubtedly aid me in my pursuits in college.

I've received more mail from Duke. My interview will be sometime between 9 and 12 am on Thursday, March 25. I called Duke yesterday, and they have no van loops that run to NCSSM. Therefore, I will have to find someone on campus who might take me over, if possible. I have a paper that I have to send home for you to sign, and it has to be returned to Duke prior to March 24. It will be sent very promptly

I'm glad to hear that you qualify for radiation surgery. It's definitely a better overall alternative than the other type of surgery. Did he tell you what radiation beam therapy would involve? You can tell me all the news on Sunday; I will be there promptly at 6:00. Actually, I'll probably be there a bit earlier (like 5:45) since I have Calculus review at 6:30, and you know how phone calls never seem to last for just 30 minutes (smile).

Well, I think that's all the news for this week. Oh--I forgot to tell you that after March 28, I'll find out whether or not I got the scholarship by April 4. On April 12, I'll find out if I got my $1,000 from the FrontPage Awards. I've still got a few scholarships to apply for with June deadlines, so I still have a chance at increasing my money supply for next year. I'll definitely be well armed for the year after next; I know which scholarships to apply for and when, since I can apply for all the ones I missed this year (plus new ones for college students only). Well, take care, and in the meanwhile, get lots of sleep for the next day of class. I love you very, very much.

Love, Dahl